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Deep Space Astro-photographers record the past.  They capture light that has taken hundreds, thousands, and millions of light years to reach the earth.   The photographs of the “Philadelphia Light” portfolio is similar - captured decades ago and forgotten for many years.  Now, the light that formed the images on the silver-halide based negatives reached earth in 2019. 


The photographs, taken in Philadelphia primarily in the “center city” area, always made with a select set of characteristics: bright sunlight and large areas of negative space, subjects captured in between conscious thoughts, dreamlike states, and a social narrative of the society that inhabited the walls of the city.   The camera was a Leica M3 using Tri-X film.


The photographs illustrate subjects where status, appearance, career, age, and class are irrelevant.  The stark sunlight and camera capture reveals everyone is equal – all human in expression and desire. These images, like frames of a movie, merge into another dimension un-stuck in time.  

The High Resolution and Photo-quality version of "Philadelphia Light", printed on luster photo stock, is available on Amazon as a Photo Book​, and on Blurb as a Photo Book printed in the highest quality.  An on-line book version can be viewed here.

"Philadelphia Light" is also available on Amazon as a Kindle Book.

You can download a PDF preview version here Philadelphia Light

A signed copy of  the "Philadelphia Light" book and a matted print from the portfolio are part of the Photo Review Benefit Auction 2019 - preview the auction item here


Other portfolios at this site are more recent work - linking the past to present.  

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