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Postcards from Prescott

This is a photographic story about Prescott, Arizona, taken within one square mile of the city's center. Prescott was the original capital of the Arizona Territory until it became a state in 1912. Many old buildings have stood for over 100 years as if frozen in time. A new remodel or facelift, but the ghosts of the past unpaved streets seem to lurk in the nightscapes of this old western town. Prescott, in the summer months, becomes a tourist town with visitors from the south coming to the cooler temperatures here in the higher altitudes. Street fairs and other events bring visitors from everywhere. Prescott is like a movie set with actors coming out at night to assume their roles as customers, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, musicians, and lovers. The cinematic long focal length lens flattens the scenes into shallow, two-dimensional frames. Prescott transforms back to a sleepy town waiting for the next summer season when the weather cools and winter approaches.

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